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    Ankole cows are known for their remarkable beauty and distinctiveness from other species of cattle that are spread worldwide.They ar▓e a drought and disease resistant cattle breed, ▓thriving

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    in the dry lands of Ankole and Masaka. They have their unique features, such as t▓he pattern of its horns -- some have straight horns,▓ while others with curved ones or spread apart; also t

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    he color of their body -- some have pure colors, while others have dotted ones. In ad▓dition, their friendly nature to humans and amazing sounds make them deserve better conservation.▓Not to

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    ere in danger of extinction. The agency warned of a potential "meltdown."In 2008, t▓he World Bank also published a report, saying it was time to place farming at the center o▓f development.

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Highly productive livestock breeds▓, the World Bank asserts, can alleviate poverty. "We do not have disease-resistant loc

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al breeds," said Chris Delgado, agriculture policy▓ adviser at World Bank. He said this has made people lose in▓terest i

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n local breeds, a trend that is worrying many sci▓entists. "It is about survival. If there is anyone still keeping t

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he Ankole cows it is because of▓ prestige, but not because of milk or commercial benefits," ▓said Allan Turyagumanawe, her

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cattle keepers, and those who have small pieces of land opt to do away with the long horned Anko

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the Long horned Ankole cattle breed.The impact of extinction can be witnessed while on tour in Uganda, since most farms along tourist routes contain the exotic ones compared to indigenous long horned Ankole cows.Exacerbating factorAccording to a report by the P▓astoral and Environmental Network in t▓he Horn of Africa (PENHA), indiscriminate cross-breeding of Ankole long-horned cattle with different exotic cattle has

harmed the sp▓ecies. People worry there might be no more indige▓nous breed of long horned Ankole cows.In the short term, the exotic and hybrids are commercially and economically very successful, because they are grazed on smaller pieces of land, produce plenty of milk and meat and generate▓ higher income. However the exotics are very vulnerable to t

he harsh environment and th▓e management costs are very high as the exotics need special fodder and care. Accordingly in▓ the long term, they are not as commercially vi▓able as they appear.Due to several chang▓es, including increased population, a lot of grazing range land has been cultivated and som▓e of it gazetted for wild life conservation and thi

s has▓ complicated the life of pastoralists they no longer have unrestricted access to wide areas of grazing land. Therefore, Ankole cattle keeping pastoral communities have re▓sorted to selling off a significant portion of their herds of indigenous cows, and clearing▓ bush land, so they can graze smaller herds of exotic breeds and hybrids, which

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can be managed on a small acreage and yet produce m▓ore milk. Some good newsDr. Nicho▓las Kauta, commissioner in charge of livestock in Uganda, believes Ankole cattle would not bec▓ome

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ed National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Data Bank has been storing sperms from ▓bulls of the Ankole breed for breeding purposes. Also, the Anko

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le long-horned cow is better adapted to semi-arid conditions. According to Carlos Ser, the Directo▓r General of the International Livesto

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ck Research Institute, the reliance on exotic animal b▓reeds poses a high risk because they cannot cope with unpredictable fluctuations in the environment

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or disease o▓utbreaks when introduced in some developing countries such as Uganda. Information available on the websi▓te of t

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